Power BI Course for Government by Warren Dean [community highlight]

Power BI training for Government is a new online course by our friend, Warren Dean. Warren founded DataTale with the belief that with the advancements of business intelligence tools like Power BI, anyone with minimal training can effectively analyze their data to gain insights. He has been certified by Microsoft as a Data Analyst Associate and he now aims is to equip the government sector to deliver data-driven results.

The course is designed to teach you how to produce the latest reports that are usable in the government field. It consists of five modules, each focusing on a different kind of report:

  1. Demographics report
  2. Spatial report
  3. Financial report
  4. Building utilization report
  5. Capital works report

In the third module, Warren will teach you how to build a finance report in Power BI and how much easier and quicker it can be done by implementing Zebra BI visuals. Each module also includes a downloadable PBIX file.

You can check the full course and many other awesome things Warren does on his website, or reach out to him on Linkedin above.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and featuring our software, Warren. Cheers!


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