Complete Set of Advanced Charts for Your Power BI

Pixel-perfect, fully responsive charts automatically calculate your PY, plan or forecast variances, YoY growth rates, and totals vastly simplify your underlying data model while making your reports and dashboards utterly understandable and actionable.

Choose the best chart for your data 

One visual, many charts. Simply click on the side arrows to get your data visualized in the most appropriate way. Zebra BI renders any chart you want: from a waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, lollipop, ‘hills&valleys’ to many others.

Professional data analysis made as easy as browsing pictures on your mobile phone.

Calculate comparisons 

Let Zebra BI visuals automatically calculate absolute and relative variances for you, saving you weeks in developing advanced reports.

Focus on what really matters

Highlight the categories that had the greatest impact on your business and limit the number of categories that are displayed in the visual with the Top N+Others function. All the other values are shown as Other element.

Adapt the amount 
of information 

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive BI visuals, making them perfect for large screen dashboards such as in digital boardrooms, as well as for mobile apps.

Apply your visual styling

Use endless possibilities to create stunning charts that work best for your business. From customizing variance areas and highlights to flexible number formats, fixed layout, displaying units in titles, and changing colors, fonts, shape, and much more.

You can also control the behavior of visuals for the whole company from one central place by setting up your own Custom Theme using JSON.

Widely accepted quality standards

+ 46%
Increase in speed of analysis*
Improvement in decision accuracy*
user rating in Microsoft AppSource
*Based on eye-tracking and qualitative study by Technical University in Munich, Germany
“The built-in functionality of the Zebra Tables and Charts is really incomparable. I don’t know of anything else available that provides the features and ease-of-use that these visuals do. I’m still amazed.”
Joe Pawlowski
Innovation Manager - Business Intelligence, DHL

Complete Chart Toolkit

Single Measure Charts
Waterfall Charts
Waterfall with Subtotals
Segmented Charts
Advanced Stacked Charts
Combo Charts

Powerful Small Multiples

Small multiples are considered one of the most powerful data visualization methods and Zebra BI visuals contain the most advanced algorithms for rendering small multiples among BI software so far.

It doesn't matter what field you work in - you probably needed to compare multiple categories of data at some point. Using small multiples allows you to immediately see which categories are the most important and also analyze the trends.

Learn more (video + interactive PBIX example)

Smart & Insightful
Simply add a data field to the Group bucket and the visual will magically show multiple charts, all perfectly scaled.
All Charts Supported
Small multiples functionality works with all Zebra BI charts, even with combo charts!
Automatic Layout
Optimized display of small multiples to make sure no space is wasted.

Take Dashboards To The Next Level

Explain your insights with Dynamic Comments

Use dynamic Comment Markers for comments to appear in the tooltip when you hover over them. You can also use a Comment Box to display dynamic comments next to your charts in Power BI reports. Right inside the visual!

Comments are completely dynamic so you can simply switch the time period to see the relevant ones only.

Change the orientation of your charts at any time

Switch between the vertical and horizontal orientation of your charts whenever you need to. This way you can always make sure that the labels and data are displayed in the way you want.

Supported with integrated, waterfall, column, and pin charts.


Display Forecast 

Not sure how would you do this with native Power BI visuals? With the help of the Zebra BI visuals, you can add and compare forecast values in just one visual without creating a mess. Because all this is done within one single chart, all the data bars are scaled and can therefore be compared to each other.

Increase or decrease the number of charts 

Change the number of charts displayed with one simple click. Even your viewers can increase or decrease the number of charts.

P.S. When you change the number of charts, everything else is still automatically calculated in the Other chart.

1-Click Axis Break 

Axis break, while being a slightly controversial dataviz method, can help present the contribution of data elements to the total result more clearly.

This frequently requested feature in business reporting is just one click away with Zebra BI.

Show more insights with Enhanced Tooltips 

Provide additional insights to report viewers with Enhanced Tooltips that are way more powerful than native Power BI. Deliver much more details and insights by showing additional dimensions that aren't even part of the visual.

Since the report page tooltips are actually designed on a separate page in Power BI reports, there are endless possibilities of what you show in the tooltip and how you design it.

Highlight specific columns

You can now highlight specific columns with a color of your choice. Right-click on axis labels and choose to highlight any element. The default color of the highlight can be set in the Style, but users can change the color of each individual highlighted element. The highlight is completely dynamic so if your end users sort tables in a different order, the highlight will stick with its data category.

Drill-down to the last detail

Interactively explore data from a top overview down to the detail. Just add multiple data fields or even better, a hierarchy, into the Category.

Flexible number formats

Sounds trivial, but so many Power BI users out there are struggling to set up their favorite number format.

Not in Zebra BI! Simply choose to display negative values in parentheses or with a minus sign from the menu.


Make your reports 
color blind friendly

Many well-thought features of Zebra BI (such as Chevron Arrows etc.) make sure that your charts are understandable also for people with color vision deficiency (CVD).

Zebra BI Charts is
#1 Reviewed Add-In for Financial and Sales Dashboards. 


  • Ideal for Financial Reporting

    “ We are using Zebra BI Charts for Financial Reporting inside our Power BI templates for our clients. It's one the quickest visuals to implement and very intuitive to use. ”
    Rene Berends
    Technical Director, cpmVision
  • Easily elevate your PowerBI to World Class levels

    “The Zebra BI Chart add-in instantly elevates your visuals to a world-class level! Being able to present your data in a clean, concise and consistent brings credibility to your message. The ability to adjust the visual as needed to respond to ad-hoc requests drives efficiency in using your data to improve your business. ”
    Consultant, Tarsus CGO Services
  • Greatest Custom Visuals

    “ In my opinion Zebra BI Visuals are the Best Custom Visuals on the market. They are so very well designed and so flexible ... I LOVE using them in my reports and I highly encourage anyone to get them!”
    Cristian Angyal
    Business Applications Manager, Flex

Ready to get
actionable insights from your data?

Import Zebra BI Charts visual from the Microsoft AppSource to your Power BI and see the magic of these powerful charts on your own data. You can also contact us to help you build your first test report and create a custom package for your business.