Get started with Zebra BI Tables

Create spectacular sales dashboards, income statements (P&L), cost vs. budget and similar reports.
Zebra BI Tables is by far the most powerful table/matrix visual in Power BI. Build extremely flexible tables with embedded charts. Expand/collapse rows, reorder columns, do a P&L calculation, top N analysis and much more.
Zebra BI visuals are the first and only IBCS-certified visuals for Power BI!

Zebra BI Tables

#1 Versatile tables with embedded charts

Insanely flexible and simply beautiful

Sort by any column with 1 click. Simply reorder columns by dragging.

The visuals automatically calculate absolute and relative variances, saving you weeks in developing advanced reports.

Perfect for sales variance reporting, financial statements, cost breakdowns, etc.

World’s first fully responsive visuals

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive BI visuals, making them perfect for large screen dashboards such as in digital boardrooms, as well as for mobile apps.

Expand/collapse rows

Simply add multiple data fields (or even better - a hierarchy) into the Category bucket to create advanced hierarchical tables.

Expand/collapse rows by simply clicking on the row arrows. You can add an unlimited number of levels and show exactly the ones you want.

Right-click on a row header (category name) to expand or collapse the whole level (data field) at once.

Customize any column directly on the visual

Rename any column directly on the visual, change the chart type for each column or turn it into a table column.

Simply click on the dropdown (▼) icon in the column header to access column design options.

#2 Income statements (P&L) in Power BI!

User-friendly Profit&Loss reports finally possible in Power BI!

With subtotals, invertable rows for costs and automatically calculated absolute and relative variances (e.g. to previous year, to plan or both)... The whole shebang 😉

Zebra BI's vertical waterfall charts and variance charts will hopefully make sense of displaying and analyzing P&Ls, Income statements and pricing calculations:

Hierarchical Zebra BI Tables are ideal for visualizing multi-level Profit & Loss reports (income statements). Here's a P&L example with actuals, plan and previous year values:

PS. Make sure to check out our PBIX examples and webinar recordings at the bottom of this page for step-by-step instructions on how to set up P&Ls with Zebra BI.

#3 Advanced features – take your reporting to the next level

Adding custom columns to Zebra BI Tables

Zebra BI Tables visual supports adding custom-calculated measures to the existing columns and charts in the table. This takes the flexibility of this visual to the next level and enables users to create even more useful, informative and insightful reports. This functionality is perfect for adding:

  • Common size measures such as "% of Revenue" to your Income statements,
  • Additional measures, e.g. Gross margin in % to your Sales vs. Budget reports,
  • Custom-calculated variances, e.g. FX-corrected variances (in addition to regular variances calculated by Zebra BI PowerTable).

In the following animation, two additional data fields (Gross margin in USD and Gross margin in %) are added to an existing Sales vs. PY report:

Advanced reports in a single visual!

How about this monthly report with (1) monthly results, (2) YTD results and (3) full year forecast in a single visual?

Zebra BI Tables allow to:

  • Add an unlimited number of data fields to columns (build a hierarchy in columns) and
  • Customize each individual group of columns (e.g. hide certain measures from particular groups)

Add a nice report page tooltip (created with the Top+Bottom N + Others feature of Zebra BI) and you're done!

Flexible number formats (e.g. negative values in parentheses)

Sounds trivial, but so many Power BI users out there are struggling to set up their favorite number format.

Not in Zebra BI! Simply choose to display negative values in parentheses or with a minus sign from the menu:

Native support for Dr. Hichert’s IBCS®

Zebra BI visuals are the first and only IBCS®-certified visuals for Power BI. They're fully compliant with Dr. Rolf Hichert's IBCS (International Business Communication Standards).

The IBCS standard design notation is rendered automatically, without adjusting any kind of settings!

The typical business scenarios like actual (AC), plan or budget (PL, BU), forecasts (FC) or previous year (PY) are automatically coded with standard patterns. The variances are presented in intuitive plus-minus, lollipop or waterfall charts. Even the tiniest details, such as the difference highlights, outlier indicators, semantic axis, etc. are automatically rendered in pixel-perfect accuracy.