Total Table Flexibility, From Calculations to Design

Use the most powerful table/matrix visual in Power BI to create reports that immediately show what's going on with your business.

From performance reporting to creating spectacular income statements (P&L), cost vs. budget, variance analysis, and other business reports with a few simple clicks.

Get immediate insights with variances

Variances are the holy grail of reporting because they help us understand performance in the right way. Compare your data to something and put it into perspective.

Let Zebra BI visuals automatically calculate absolute and relative variances for you, saving you weeks in developing advanced reports.

Show only the most important categories

Highlight the categories that had the greatest impact on your business and limit the number of categories displayed in the visual. All the other values are shown as Other element.

You can choose to show Top N, Bottom N, or Top + Bottom N elements.

Calculate new elements 
on the fly

Goodbye complex data set changes, hello custom calculations within Zebra BI!

Whenever you want to add a new element to your table and it's not in your data set, you can simply calculate it with a formula within a visual, without doing any work on your data set.

Learn more about Formula Editor →

Adapt the amount
of information

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive BI visuals, making them perfect for large screen dashboards such as in digital boardrooms, as well as for mobile apps.

Design with total flexibility

Use endless possibilities to create stunning tables that work best for your business. From sorting by any column with 1 click to simply reordering columns by dragging. You can rename any column directly on the visual, change the chart type for each column or turn it into a table column, and much more.

Track mutiple plans and forecasts

In today's rapidly changing times it is essential to be as flexible and agile as possible. With this functionality, you can add up to three different measures for Plan and/or Forecast to the same table and have all scenarios always in front of you.

Widely accepted quality standards

+ 46%
Increase in speed of analysis*
Improvement in decision accuracy*
user rating in Microsoft AppSource
*Based on eye-tracking and qualitative study by Technical University in Munich, Germany
“Everybody in our company loves Zebra BI visuals. They are so powerful and so advanced. There is definitely nothing close to them in the marketplace!”
Ilyas Usta
VP Planning and Performance Management, Wintershall Dea

Comparison tables

Letting Zebra BI Tables calculate all of the variances for you will save you time and simplify your Power BI model in the long run.

You can easily define sorting rules for any column, change the column order, or even hide columns if that's what you need!


Hierarchical tables

In reality, we are often dealing with more complex datasets that are harder to display than a single measure.

With a simple drag&drop, you can add another data field to Zebra BI Tables visual to create a hierarchical table with expand/collapse buttons. This simple action will make your data much more organized and easier to drill down into the details.


To get a cross-dimensional table ("cross-tab") where you can drill down in rows, as well as in columns, simply add an additional field to the Group placeholder and create a hierarchy in columns.

You can do a lot more with multi-group (segmented) tables or cross-tables, for example:

  • Add grand totals and subtotals
  • Hide a column from a particular group
  • Add period calculations as groups to create tables with MTD/YTD/Full-year results
  • Add KPIs as groups to compare the performance of several measures in the same table

Calculation tables 

Calculation tables are very useful for financial reports such as income statements, cash flow, balance sheets, and other related reports where the data set that you have is actually a calculation.

With Invert/Result option you can easily define addition and subtraction rules for each row, depending on whether it's related to a revenue stream or an expense.

User-Friendly Income Statements (P&L)

Income statements are one of the most powerful tools for business analysts, CFOs, BI specialists, and many others.

Still, visualizing an income statement in Power BI can be quite tricky. With the Zebra BI Tables visual, creating one only takes a few steps thanks to subtotals, invertible rows for costs, and automatically calculated absolute and relative variances.

Use a combination of Zebra BI's vertical waterfall charts and variance charts to display your data clearly for everyone to understand.

Play with Zebra BI interactive example →

Detailed & Insightful 
Simply add your data fields, customize the table and the visual will magically present all calculations, no matter how complex.

You can also include comments to provide additional insights to report viewers.
Advanced Hierarchical Tables
Add an unlimited number of levels and show exactly the ones you want.

Built-in functionalities such as Invert, Skip, Result, and others, will bring your hierarchical table to completely new levels.
Option to Calculate New Elements 
Use a powerful Zebra BI Formula Editor to calculate and add new elements to your table on the fly. Without even touching your data set! 

Take Reporting To The Next Level

Explain your insights with Dynamic Comments

Use Dynamic Comment Markers for comments to appear in the tooltip when you hover over them. You can also use a Comment Box to display dynamic comments next to your tables in Power BI reports. Right inside the visual!

Comments are completely dynamic so you can simply switch the time period to see the relevant ones only.

Learn more about Dynamic Comment Markers →

Display any measure 
as chart

Make sure you're using the most appropriate display or visualization of each column by selecting the type of your measure.

Switch any column you want from a chart to a table column. The change is simple to implement, so you can always decide on what shape would you like your data to be shown.

Switch between a chart 
and table seamlessly

Switch between a simple table matrix view and a view with integrated charts anytime.

Add custom columns

Add up to 20 custom-calculated measures to the existing columns and charts in the table. This takes the flexibility of this visual to the next level and enables you to create even more useful, informative, and insightful reports.

Perfect for adding:

  • Common size measures such as "% of Revenue" to your Income statements,
  • Additional measures, e.g. Gross margin in % to your Sales vs. Budget reports,
  • Custom-calculated variances, e.g. FX-corrected variances (in addition to regular variances calculated by Zebra BI PowerTable)
  • Invert meaning

    In a situation when you have different types of KPIs in your table, you can invert certain elements where that makes sense.

    For example, if you’re showing Revenue and Costs within the same table, it has a completely different meaning whether the Revenue is growing versus if Costs are growing. Growing costs have a negative contribution to the end result.

    With Zebra BI you can invert a group, rows, and all children within a group.

    Display Forecast

    Not sure how to display Forecast with native Power BI visuals? With the help of the Zebra BI visuals, you can add and compare Forecast values in just one visual without creating a mess.

    Because all this is done within one single chart, all the data bars are scaled and can therefore be compared to each other.

    Dynamically switch scenario comparisons

    Dynamically switch the display of actual performance compared to the Plan vs. compared to the Previous Year without dealing with the complex setup in Power BI.

    With Zebra BI Tables you don't need to mess with bookmarks and doubled and hidden visuals anymore! Simply add the 3 scenarios to your table and get an option to switch between two comparisons out-of-the-box.

    Scaled groups

    Since additional measures are often showing KPIs that are unrelated to other KPIs in the same visual, you can decide how they should be scaled by adding them to different Scaling groups.

    Enhanced Report Page Tooltips

    Provide additional insights to report viewers with Enhanced Tooltips that are way more powerful than native Power BI. Deliver more details and insights by showing additional dimensions that aren't even part of the visual.

    Since the report page tooltips are actually designed on a separate page in Power BI reports, there are endless possibilities of what you show in the tooltip and how you design it.

    Flexible number formats

    Sounds trivial, but many Power BI users out there are struggling to set up their favorite number format.

    With Zebra BI you simply choose to display negative values in parentheses or with a minus sign from the menu.

    custom theme Power BI style editor Zebra BI

    Control the design of your tables across the company 

    Apply your visual styling with extensive support for custom design. You can change the color, font type, font size, shape, etc. on practically every element in the Zebra BI visuals.

    However, if you prefer to control the behavior of visuals for the whole company, from one central place, you can set up your own Custom Theme using JSON.

    Expand/Collapse rows 
    and columns

    In hierarchical tables, you can expand/collapse rows and columns by simply clicking on the arrows. You can also choose to collapse or expand all, allowing you to tailor your tables to your exact needs and desires.

    Zebra BI Tables is
    #1 Reviewed Add-In for Financial and Sales Dashboards. 


    • The best visual for PowerBi

      “ This is the best visual for PowerBI. I can highly recommend it to Everyone. We have adjusted our Data Models to make the best use of the Zebra BI visuals. Everything is in line with IBCS Standards. The developers keep on adding new useful features. Support is fast and very helpful. ”
      Ilyas Usta
      VP Planning and Performance Management, Wintershall Dea GmbH
    • Indispensable for data-driven management

      “By using Zebra BI as a means of visualization, the company's analytical power has been dramatically improved. Data analysts can focus on exploring problems, investigating causes and proposing solutions. Data engineers can also focus on data collection and data preparation. So, Zebra BI is an indispensable tool for our business intelligence. ”
      Manager, Seiko Epson Corporation
    • The best app for Power BI

      “ I can't imagine working in Power BI without Zebra BI Tables. A huge time saver and the most transparent dashboards.”
      Piotr Biliński
      Consultant, Controlling Partner

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