Get started with Zebra BI Tables

Create spectacular sales dashboards, income statements (P&L), cost vs. budget and similar reports in Power BI.

Zebra BI Tables is by far the most powerful table/matrix visual in Power BI, and with it you can build extremely flexible tables with embedded charts. Expand/collapse rows, reorder columns, do a P&L calculation, top N analysis and much more.
Zebra BI visuals are the first and only IBCS-certified visuals for Power BI!

Zebra BI Tables

#1 Versatile tables with embedded charts

Insanely flexible, simply beautiful

Sort by any column with 1 click. Simply reorder columns by dragging.

The visuals automatically calculate absolute and relative variances, saving you weeks in developing advanced reports.

Perfect for sales variance reporting, financial statements, cost breakdowns, etc.

World’s first fully responsive visuals

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive BI visuals, making them perfect for large screen dashboards such as in digital boardrooms, as well as for mobile apps.

Expand/collapse rows

Simply add multiple data fields (or even better - a hierarchy) into the Category bucket to create advanced hierarchical tables.

Expand/collapse rows by simply clicking on the row arrows. You can add an unlimited number of levels and show exactly the ones you want.

Right-click on a row header (category name) to expand or collapse the whole level (data field) at once.

Directly customize any column

Rename any column directly on the visual, change the chart type for each column or turn it into a table column.

Simply click on the dropdown (▼) icon in the column header to access column design options.

You can easily manage your column structure by:

  • Presenting column grand totals and subtotals
  • Expand/collapse groups of columns
  • Renaming any column in a table (including subtotals and grand totals)
  • Sorting by any column or total in 1 click
  • Displaying any column (including the totals) as a table or a chart

Both the grand totals and the subtotals can also be easily renamed, shown or hidden directly on the visual. This makes the user experience extremely fast and enjoyable.

#2 Income statements (P&L) in Power BI!

User-friendly Profit&Loss reports

User-friendly Profit&Loss reports are finally possible in Power BI!

With subtotals, invertable rows for costs and automatically calculated absolute and relative variances (e.g. to previous year, to plan or both)... The whole package.

Zebra BI's vertical waterfall charts and variance charts will hopefully make sense of displaying and analyzing P&Ls, Income statements and pricing calculations:

Advanced hierarchical tables

Hierarchical Zebra BI Tables are ideal for visualizing multi-level Profit & Loss reports (income statements). You can add an unlimited number of levels and show exactly the ones you want. Here's a P&L example with actuals, plan and previous year values:

Detailed and insightful

Income statements can be the most powerful tool of a business analyst, CFOs, BI specialists and many others. Below you can interact with our example report of an income statements.

#3 Advanced features – take your reporting to the next level

Add your own custom columns

Zebra BI Tables visual supports adding custom-calculated measures to the existing columns and charts in the table. This takes the flexibility of this visual to the next level and enables users to create even more useful, informative and insightful reports. This functionality is perfect for adding:

  • Common size measures such as "% of Revenue" to your Income statements,
  • Additional measures, e.g. Gross margin in % to your Sales vs. Budget reports,
  • Custom-calculated variances, e.g. FX-corrected variances (in addition to regular variances calculated by Zebra BI PowerTable).

In the following animation, two additional data fields (Gross margin in USD and Gross margin in %) are added to an existing Sales vs. PY report:

Display the most important categories

You can now limit the number of categories that are displayed in the visual. All the other values are shown as Other element. You can choose to show Top N, Bottom N, or Top + Bottom N elements.  This is especially great when you want to highlight the categories that had the greatest impact on your business.

Advanced reports in a single visual!

Zebra BI Tables allow to:

  • Add an unlimited number of data fields to columns (build a hierarchy in columns) and
  • Customize each individual group of columns (e.g. hide certain measures from particular groups, or change the gap between columns (%))

Add a nice report page tooltip (created with the Top+Bottom N + Others feature of Zebra BI) and you're done!

Of course, you can add even more measures into your Zebra BI Tables and get additional columns, that can be independently formatted. With the latest version, you can add up to 4 basic scenarios and then up to 20 additional measures! Here is an example of comparing Actuals, Previous Year, Plan, and Forecast:

You can now also display any of your additional measures as charts:

A complete new concept: Scaled Groups

Since additional measures are often showing KPIs that are unrelated to other KPIs in the same visual you can decide how they should be scaled by adding them to different Scaling groups:

Flexible number formats (e.g. negative values in parentheses)

Sounds trivial, but so many Power BI users out there are struggling to set up their favorite number format.

Not in Zebra BI! Simply choose to display negative values in parentheses or with a minus sign from the menu:

Control every part of your dashboard with custom themes

A custom theme can now control any setting available in the Zebra BI Tables (as well as the Zebra BI Charts) visual. This provides extensive and detailed governance of all reporting aspects of Zebra BI for Power BI.

Custom-themes in Power BI with Zebra BI Tables

Highlight specific bars

You can now highlight specific bars with a color of your choice. Users can now right-click on axis labels and highlight any element. The default color of the highlight can be set in the Style, but users can change the color of each individual highlighted element. The highlight is completely dynamic so if your end users sort tables in a different order, the highlight will stick with its data category.

Certified by Microsoft and IBCS

Zebra BI visuals are the first visuals for Power BI to be certified by Microsoft and IBCS.

They're fully compliant with Dr. Rolf Hichert's IBCS (International Business Communication Standards). This certificate ensures that business information is presented clearly, concisely and consistently across the cloud, mobile and desktop versions of Power BI. The IBCS standard design notation is rendered automatically, without adjusting any kind of settings!

Meanwhile, Microsoft certificate guarantees that Zebra visuals are safe to use. An internal Microsoft team has performed strict security tests that verify these visuals don't access external services or resources, and they follow secure coding patterns and guidelines. For visuals to be certified, they have to meet detailed requirements when it comes to code repository, file, command, compiling and source code.

Once a Power BI visual is certified, it offers more features, like exporting reports to PowerPoint and PDF, or display the visual in received emails, when subscribing to report pages.

Power BI visuals certified by Microsoft