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With the Cards visual you can present your company’s KPIs in a whole new way and tell the story behind the values. Gain immediate insights with a global overview of selected KPIs and dive deeper into more detailed views to get a deeper understanding. All within one visual so no more slow reports!
No spam. No credit card. Full version. Great tutorials included.
What you'll gain with the Pro version:
Unlimited number of cards with KPIs
Deep dive with drill-through 
Removed watermark
Advanced number formatting options for each card individually
PBI Certified
Zebra BI visuals for Power BI have been officially tested and certified by Microsoft ensuring they meet the highest data security standards.
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"Cards visual adds lots of possibilities for a new dashboard experience. Easy to understand and easy to use for several use cases. There are a lot of KPI visuals but none of those fits our requirements like the Zebra BI one. Great work."
Marcel Münch
Data Architect, Analyst & Project Manager, Ravensburger (via AppSource)

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