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Zebra BI for Power BI – 5.2 Update

Being flexible and agile allows you to adapt quickly in a changing business environment where multiple scenarios are always possible. Therefore, it is crucial to use data in a way that all possible outcomes are always available. With the 5.2 update we’re enabling that with new features like display of multiple plan and forecasts at the same time, bookmarking different settings, having more control over the current period display, among other features and improvements.
Download the Demo PBIX file that contains all the latest features illustrated with many practical examples.

Note: This is a private version of our Power BI visuals (not the AppSource version).
Download PBIX

Watch the Video

Watch the video below for a quick and practical overview of all major NEW features & updates:
(0:06) - Intro to 5.2 Release
(01:36) - Support multiple plans and forecasts 
(05:05) - Bookmarkable settings
(11:13) - Stack bar chart
(14:27) - Control the display of current period
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Interact with Zebra BI for Power BI 5.2 👇

Play with our interactive example to get inspired and see all the new features in action. 
Tip: Make sure you put the interactive report in the full-screen mode (⤢) and check out all the pages by pressing the navigation arrows.

So, what’s new? 🎉

Multiple plans and forecasts

Imagine having multiple business scenarios with several different Plans and/or Forecast measures. Very relatable, right? But how to track them all compared to the performance? Easily, with Zebra BI Tables visual 5.2! 🎉

From now on, you can add up to three different measures for Plan and/or Forecast. Simply put the values into the corresponding placeholder like with the default measure and let Zebra BI do the magic.

Tracking your business performance against various scenarios allows you to stay agile and flexible which gives you an important advantage against your competitors and saves valuable time. 😎

💡 What are the main advantages?

  • Zebra BI is automatically adding calculations for absolute and relative variances for each value that you add to either Plan or Forecast placeholder.
  • Everything remains completely flexible.
  • Each measure can be visualized with a different chart type where Zebra BI distinguishes between the measures with slight moderations of the chart pattern.

Bookmarkable settings

Having the option of saving your current settings in a report view can be a game-changer in many cases. We fully agree and that’s why most of the settings within Zebra BI Charts and Tables visuals are now bookmarkable!

Apply this new feature to almost any of the settings in Tables and Charts visuals and customize different views with different layouts, changing of the titles and column names, different style options (including color deficiency option), customized tooltip, different chart types (simple vs advanced), axis breaks, and other settings listed in the changelog.

You can seamlessly switch between different bookmarks that will display the settings that you saved. This feature allows you to personalize your reports and dashboards, make them more accessiblespotlight certain features, and enhance your storytelling. 

Your creativity is the limit here so get inspired and level up your reporting game. 💪

Example: Combine bookmarks with multiple Plan and Forecast functionality

New chart type: stacked bar chart

With Zebra BI Charts visual you already have more than 30 different chart types to choose from. On top of that, we added one more: a stacked bar chart.

Simply create a stacked column chart by adding values to the X and Y axis. Then go under Settings > Chart settings and toggle On the option to Show vertical axis. This way only step is keeping you from seamlessly switching between horizontal and vertical charts.

What is more, the new chart type also has all the features available in the stacked column chart and the user can also switch between the stack bar chart and Small multiples view with just one click – even in the view mode!

Current period display

Think of looking at your monthly data series at the beginning of the current month while Forecast was also added to the report. You observe a big gap between month-to-date value and forecasted value. It can be quite annoying to see this when only a few days of sales have gone by, right?

Making sure your data is always perfectly displayed in your reports and dashboards, Zebra BI Charts visual now gives you the option to control the display of current period variance. This way you can decide whether you want to show the variance alwayshide it until the start of the next month or show it conditionally from a specific day on. 

  • Go under Chart Settings 
  • Choose the best option under Current period variance: show always, hide until closed or show conditionally.   

Save valuable time, drive attention only to relevant variances and make smarter decisions. 🥳 

Other Improvements

Zebra BI Tables 5.2

  • Optimized performance of Zebra BI Tables to be more on par with the native visuals. This means there is no unnecessary data fetching anymore when it is not needed (e.g., on resize or when users only change the design).
  • Improved the performance of a custom marker on additional measures. These markers apply on charts (pin and bar chart) in the same way as they do with FC and PL columns. In the case of a Table chart type, the selected marker is shown in the header indicator.
  • Resolved the issue with formula referencing in cases when a specific formula was deleted and re-added but the formulas referencing the original one didn’t respond to that change. Also, corrected the issue with vanishing formulas.
  • In case there are no dimension attribute fields on Zebra BI visuals, the report page tooltips are still displayed on the visual instead of changing to the default tooltip.

Zebra BI Charts 5.2

  • Enabled the option to click on the data labels directly on stacked charts to toggle between absolute values and % of the total.
  • Improved the visualization for Show all Forecast data when AC-CM covered FC-CM as FC variance was no longer seen. Also, improved the data label for FC, extended white background for labels also to the percentage values, and removed the overlap between FC variance and absolute measures.
  • Optimized the Show all forecast data for total and plan variance.
See full changelog

Time to give it a spin!

If you're using the AppSource version of Zebra BI (version 4.0.0 or higher), then your Zebra BI will be updated via Microsoft's AppSource marketplace automatically once processed. Expected release dates according to the Microsoft Power BI team:

  • Zebra BI Tables 5.2: January 6, 2022
  • Zebra BI Charts 5.2: January 6, 2022

If you're using an older (private) version of Zebra BI (e.g. 3.x.x or older), then this is a perfect opportunity to update your Zebra BI! When ready, just shoot us an email at support@zebra.bi and we'll help you migrate to the latest version.

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