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Zebra BI Tables for Power BI – 6.6 Update

Zebra BI Tables visual just received another reason to be ranked as the top table/matrix visual on the market! With the newly introduced feature of text columns, users can bridge the gap in data visualization by having all relevant information side-by-side

Add hyperlink support, new display options for P&L, and other improvements to this and your reports will be even more actionable and understandable.

Dive into the product update and discover what else is new. 👇
Download the Demo PBIX file that contains all the latest features illustrated with many practical examples.

Note: This is a private version of our Power BI visuals (not the AppSource version).
Download PBIX

Watch the Video

Watch the video below for a quick and practical overview of all major NEW features & updates:
00:00 Intro
00:38 Adding text columns
04:02 Support for hyperlinks
05:12 Introducing mathematical calculation to visualize data
09:00 Row highlighting
10:33 Suppress charts for the grand total row
11:52 Improvements to interaction settings
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Interact with Zebra BI Tables for Power BI 6.6 👇

Play with our interactive example to get inspired and see all the new features in action. 
Tip: Make sure you put the interactive report in the full-screen mode (⤢) and check out all the pages by pressing the navigation arrows.

So, what’s new? 🎉

Text columns

Having the possibility to display additional attributes next to the main category is crucial for a faster and easier understanding of data. We got you! 

With Zebra BI Tables 6.6, you can now get all the relevant information side-by-side easily. Simply add your text column to the Values placeholder after the main value.  

Together with other out-of-the-box Zebra BI advanced features you now have the perfect tool for immediate and clear insights at your fingertips.  🎯

💡 What are the main advantages?

  • You can add multiple text columns to ensure you include all the information that will help with a better understanding of the report.  
  • The new feature also works perfectly with hierarchical tables and cross-tables. 
  • It is possible to seamlessly reorder the text columns and apply sorting by using the native Power BI sorting option (more options at the top right corner).  

Support for hyperlinks

Say hello to adding URLs to your tables! As part of the introduction of the text columns feature, you can now also add hyperlinks to access additional pages or reports through links with one click. 

To achieve that, you must click on the URL column in your Data and change the Data category to Web URL. This will treat the data as a table column. Add it to the Values placeholder (in the 2nd place) and mark it as First.  

That's it - enjoy the endless possibilities of this new feature! 🤩

Mathematical calculations in P&Ls

It is now possible to report costs and expenses as negative numbers in your Power BI model, instead of inverting them on the visual, as you normally do, while at the same time keeping the correct visual representation of the relative variances. 

Go to formatting options > Chart settings. You will find a new setting called Calculate relative variance where you can choose either a financial or mathematical calculation from the dropdown.  

The setting also applies to custom calculations. Don't forget to bookmark it or use the JSON setting to apply it across all your reports!  

Rows highlighting

To bring more attention to rows with no integrated charts or when you choose the simple table view, you can now apply a background color 

Simply right-click on the selected row > Format > and select the background color. Remember to pick a less saturated one as colors shouldn't steal thunder from the actual insights. 

Other Improvements

Zebra BI Tables 6.5 & 6.6

  • Added a new toggle for turning off the charts on the grand total row. This makes sense when the individual elements are more important for the analysis and to preserve the report’s space without compromising the data visibility.

  • Updated the interactivity settings on Zebra BI Tables to better reflect the current interactivity options, e.g., the Column renaming, and design is now a joint interaction setting.

See full changelog

Time to give it a spin!

If you're using the AppSource version of Zebra BI (version 4.0.0 or higher), then your Zebra BI will be updated via Microsoft's AppSource marketplace automatically once processed. Expected release dates according to the Microsoft Power BI team:

  • Zebra BI Tables 6.6: October 28th, 2023

If you're using an older (private) version of Zebra BI (e.g. 3.x.x or older), then this is a perfect opportunity to update your Zebra BI! When ready, just shoot us an email at support@zebra.bi and we'll help you migrate to the latest version.

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