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Zebra BI Spring News - Everything you need to know

By Urska Mozetic • Last updated

Hi there, 

Welcome to the Spring issue of the Zebra BI newsletter! What's inside?

In this edition, you'll find a TON of useful and inspirational content for you to pile into and learn from, you'll catch up on a few of the most visited webinars so far, and you'll see at which online events you were able to see some of the Zebra BI power. For those Power BI users, there's also a quick roundup of the new Zebra BI for Power BI update with some highly expected features.

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Your requested features from the Zebra BI 4.6 update for Power BI

The latest 4.6 update features the enhanced formula editor, an even better UX of the signature small multiples, design flexibility and more.

We didn't forget about the option to dynamically switch scenario comparisons, either. This time, this was one of the most requested features.

By now you should have already explored it so we'd like to know: what do you think? Are there any features that you're missing?

Let us leave one hint right here – version 5.0 is already being prepared and it might include a completely new chart. But that’s all we’ll say for now! 

Check what Andrej Lapajne, Zebra BI CEO & Founder, says about the update while he dives into it. And get the PBIX demo, too!

Check 4.6 update

Last webinars before the summer 🏖️

The webinar featuring competition between Tableau vs Power BI webinar passed by without any casualties. In the past, a ton of comparisons were made on which tool is better criteria-wise, but nobody’s ever done a live bakeoff session. So we did!

We also hope you didn’t miss a vivid debate between Zebra BI’s Founder & CEO Andrej Lapajne, and a special guest Dr. Rolf Hichert, the founder of the IBCS standards. They created an IBCS-compliant makeover of a sales dashboard during a Zebra BI webinar and had fun during the way! 

However, we’re heading towards a new webinar that we’d like to invite you to watch live. This time you’ll upgrade your knowledge on Commenting in Power BI – on May 20 you’ll learn how to write comments directly into your Power BI reports using Power Apps.

See you there!

February 25

Tableau vs. Power BI: The Superstore Challenge

Watch & get PBIX here >>

April 15

Achieve Consistent Reporting Across Your Company with IBCS

Watch & get PBIX here >>

May 20

Writeback Commentary in Power BI via Power Apps

Register here >>

Watch this highlight from the webinar on IBCS Standards with Dr. Rolf Hichert

Power BI Dashboard Design Mistakes

Spring cleaning: The Do’s & Dont’s of reporting 

Both Excel and Power BI offers a myriad of features such as slicers, bookmarks, page tooltips, drill-down, drill-through, parameters, dynamic titles, role-based security, we could go on and on!

This opens up numerous possibilities for building good-looking interactive dashboards, but at the same time makes the art of dashboard building even more challenging.

Stay on top of your reporting game:

✔️ Get the most effective Power BI Tips and trick >>

How to avoid the worse design mistakes >>  

Online Events

These last few months were full of engaging community events. Just recently, Zebra BI was the star of Bayer's presentation of their new CFO app at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit (MBAS) - their reports featured Zebra BI custom visuals! 

At the Power BI Summit in the midst of April, Andrej Lapajne premiered a new topic: Writeback Commentary in Power BI via Power Apps that you'll be able to dive into on our next webinar, too.

Let's not forget about the Power Platform Bootcamp Austria and a few other Power BI community events: Power BI Days Germany and a meetup with the Power BI User Group Hamburg. 

What's coming up next? For now, you can join the International Controlling Conference on May 20, where Andrej Lapajne will show you how to deliver actionable reports and dashbaords.

Check all events here

Zebra BI partners with Bismart in Spain

We’re really proud to be announcing a partnership with Bismart, the leading Spanish consulting firm in data processing since 2009. This marks Bismart as currently the only Zebra BI partner in the Spanish market. 

Get to know them and see the video they prepared to mark our partnership! 

More about the partnership

Thanks to everyone who makes the online space such a pleasant space to be!

Thank you for your amazing reviews! 👌

Needless to say - if you have a great experience with Zebra BI Tables or Charts, do write us a review, it really helps us stand out from the crowd.

Clear messaging ✔️ Standardized reporting ✔️ Dynamic commentary ✔️ IBCS Certified ✔️

I'm amazed that in simply two visuals, Zebra BI can cover the scope of 90% of data visualization with unmatched quality. A review can't do it justice - try out the free version or take them up on their free trial of the pro version. You'll be hooked, but when you end up paying for it, you'll have no regrets.

Tyler Snyder, AbbVie

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