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The new Zebra BI Cards visual featured in the Microsoft Power BI December Update

By Blaz Abe • Last updated

“Can you believe that it’s winter and the last month of 2021 year already?” are the first lines you will read in the December 2021 Power BI Blog. At Zebra BI we kept the best for last! We introduced the new Zebra BI Cards visual, which was featured in the Microsoft Power BI Blog.

What does it say about Zebra BI Cards

“With this new visual you can now present your KPIs or your scorecard in a completely new way. Advanced features like focus mode, drill-through, dynamic comments, grouping and more, empower you to tell the whole story behind the values. Even more, your reports can now be blazingly fast as you can easily insert multiple cards in one visual!”

Want to read the full text? Some other great new features, such as a new Sparklines preview feature, several new Format Pane updates, e-mail subscription access via Admin API and plenty of other useful features are mentioned besides Zebra BI Cards. Visit the Power BI Blog.

With Zebra BI Cards visual, we completed the toolkit for Actionable Reporting. Combine all its functionalities with Charts and Tables visuals and start presenting your data in an understandable and actionable way. 

Learn all about the new Zebra BI Cards visual and its features.

Watch the video below and let Andrej Lapajne, the founder and CEO of Zebra BI, explain to you how will Zebra BI Cards transform the way of presenting the company’s KPIs.

We'd like to thank Microsoft for their support and invite you to check out the whole feature summary in the December Update.

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