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Zebra BI becomes the first IBCS®-certified reporting solution for Power BI

By Matija Kocevar • Last updated

Good news for everyone searching for a way to bring IBCS®-compliant charts and tables into Power BI!

Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI has achieved a major milestone by receiving the IBCS® certificate to ensure that business information is presented clearly, concisely and consistently across the cloud, mobile and desktop versions of Power BI. This achievement is another step towards the vision of delivering meaningful one-click visuals to users where they need them the most.

"We've worked hard on Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI as we wanted users to have access to the best visual design elements they need for powerful data storytelling," said Andrej Lapajne, CEO, Zebra BI. "We see Power BI as a powerful business intelligence tool of the future and having our product IBCS®-certified underlines our commitment to the platform."

Here are the examples from the certification:

IBCS certification process is carried out by BARC, the independent research and consulting institute for business software. The examination is carried out in two stages: compliance with IBCS® and ease of use. In the first stage, software providers need to show the required level of compliance between visuals delivered by their software and the required standard as prescribed by IBCS®. In the second stage, the software is evaluated in terms of how easy it makes creating new templates from scratch without programming and using default features.

The certification team was most impressed by what we would like to call 'business-responsive design'. Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI dynamically create IBCS® compliant charts providing maximum business insight within a given space.

Jürgen Faisst

Managing Director, IBCS Association

Try it yourself

In addition to out-of-the-box support for IBCS standards, Zebra BI visuals for Power BI feature 1-click data sorting, powerful outlier handling, advanced small multiples, responsive visuals, improved navigation and full customization. With support for Power BI, best practice reporting is now available on the desktop and mobile and in the cloud.


    1. Hi Manal! No, there is no forecasting prediction support in Zebra BI right now. Hope this helps!

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