Zebra BI visuals version 4.3 featured in the Microsoft Power BI October 2020 Update!

As Jeroen Ter Heerdt, Power BI's Program Manager says in their October update, it's almost all about visuals this month - with loads of new visuals and updates to existing visuals.
And it looks like our Zebra BI custom visuals October update made the cut! The Power BI October Update is out and it also features the October update of the Zebra BI visuals version 4.3, which brought exactly 43 improvements.

What's improved with the 4.3 update?

We've developed an extremely powerful new algorithm to optimize the layout of charts in small multiples, and we've added a bunch of new functionalities to the Tables visual, from the ability to visualize additional up to 20 columns to the whole new concept of Scaled groups within your tables and much more!
You can check out the complete feature list with details here: See the 4.3 update for Zebra BI for Power BI.
We'd like to thank Microsoft for their support and invite you to check out the amazing new Power BI features! Read more about what exactly did they say about the Zebra BI visuals here: