Frequently asked questions about Zebra BI for Power BI licensing and pricing

Q: Can I buy (purchase) a single Zebra BI for Power BI license?

A: Currently we do not sell single-user licenses for our Power BI custom visuals. Our minimum required number of licenses is 5.

Q: Why do I need to buy a minimum of 5 licenses?

A: Typically there is always one person creating Power BI reports and at least another one viewing the report. Usually, reports are shared with a larger audience which is why our minimum required number is 1-5. As we do not differentiate between Power BI report designers/creators and report viewers, it is required that every single user that engages with Power BI reports using our visuals is covered with a license.

Q: How does the Zebra BI licensing work?

A:  Our licensing model is based on the "all end-users" principle. Every single end-user that engages with Power BI reports using Zebra BI custom visuals needs to have a license.

Licensed visuals work in the Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Report Server, Power BI mobile apps and also in publicly shared dashboards (Publish to Web).

The way it works is that you get a member account at our secure, dedicated website ( It contains detailed info about your licenses, additional helpful/educational content to get you started and a really nice style editor where you can easily set your preferred or corporate colors.

Q: How does the Zebra BI pricing work?

A: Our minimum required number of licenses you can purchase is 5 and the price starts with 4,8 EUR/user/month, which is billed annually 288 EUR as a recurring subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time. This price includes our technical support, as well as all product updates and upgrades - and we typically update the visuals on a weekly basis!

For all additional prices of our packages, please visit and adjust the slider accordingly. For all inquiries over 500 licenses, we offer special enterprise packages.

Q: If I (my company) have a POWER BI PRO license, do I still need to buy a Zebra BI license?

A: Yes. Zebra BI licensing model is not tied to Microsoft’s subscription-based plans in any way whatsoever. We are a plug-in solution in the data visualization field of the Power BI tool. In order to be able to successfully use our custom visuals when creating your Power BI reports, you need to buy a Zebra BI license as well.

Q: Does a POWER BI PREMIUM subscription cover the use of Zebra BI visuals?

A: No. Power BI Premium is a tenant-level Office 365 subscription and is in no relation with the usage of Zebra BI licenses. Although Power BI Premium capacity enables the share of data with anyone without purchasing a per-user license, this is not the case with the sharing of data (reports) that are using Zebra BI custom visuals within.

Q: If I (my company) uses POWER BI REPORT SERVER for on-premises reporting, do we still need ZEBRA BI licenses?

A: Yes. Creating reports within Power Bi desktop and publishing them directly to the Power BI report server allows distribution and consumption across devices (web, mobile). For every user that is engaging (consuming) reports via Power BI report server, a ZEBRA BI license is mandatory.