Getting started 
with Zebra BI is easy!

Follow these easy steps to import Zebra BI visuals into your Power BI.

1. Import Zebra BI visuals

In your Power BI:

  • Click on (...) in the Visualizations pane
  • Select Get more visuals
  • Search for "zebra" in AppSource

After you import visuals, you should receive a notification and see the new icons in the Visualizations pane.

2. Add some data

Click on the icon in the Visualization pane to insert the visual into the report page and display a blank landing page.

Select any data field on the right side to create your first Zebra BI table or chart.

3. Get inspired

Visit our Help Center for tutorial videos, examples, tips&tricks, and more!

Make sure to repeat the process for both Zebra BI visuals (Tables and Charts). 🙂

Get support:
If you need help with anything, please write us an email at [email protected].

Unlock Professional features 

To experience the full power of Zebra BI visuals and create more advanced reports, try out the Professional version. The first 30 days are completely free! 

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