42 Controller Congress 2017

Meet us at the 42nd Controller Congress in Munich, Germany

The 42nd ICV Controller Congress, the largest event for finance professionals in Europe, will be held on May 15/16, 2017 in The Westin Grand Munich Hotel, Munich, Germany.

This year's congress, which is entitled “Agile controlling in digital reality: Managing upheavals successfully” will take the participants into an agile reality. In the attractive agenda you will find relevant and up-to-date topics, presented by successful top managers and controllers from well-known companies.

42nd Controller Congress

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Meet us at the 4th International Controlling Conference in Croatia

The 4th International Controlling Conference in Croatia will be held on 8th of November 2016 at Westin Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.

The main topic of this year's conference, which is entitled “The Future of Controlling Has Already Begun”, is inspired by economic development influenced by global changes, and controlling has a major role to play in this regard.

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Zebra BI Exhibits at IBCS Annual Conference 2016, June 3, Warsaw

IBCS Annual Conference 2016, the place where IBCS professionals share their experience, will be held on June 3rd at Mamaison Hotel Le Regina in Warsaw. The conference will enable employees from finance and IT departments that are in the process of implementing the IBCS Standards to meet their peers, thought leaders, consultants, and software developers.

Key topics:
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Zebra BI Event Sponsor at marcus evans Corporate Performance Management conference

The marcus evans Corporate Performance Management conference will be held on May 24th and 25th 2016 in Berlin, Germany. It will serve as an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions on topics such as how to redefine performance management in a global company, extract knowledge from data with the creative use of analytics, challenge your KPIs and improve processes.

Zebra BI is the sponsor of this year's event, subtitled "From Data Crunching to Value Creation". The conference will offer practical insights from companies, such as
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The fastest way to insert lollipop charts in Excel

Lollipop charts are a great data visualization technique. Data visualization professionals and business analysts like them for a good reason. They can be used in similar situations as bar charts and column charts, but they have the advantage of producing a cleaner-looking picture.

The sticks of the lollipops are thinner than the bars/columns, which allows the chart to "breathe", while the lollipops force the reader to focus on the most important part of the chart - the values.

Jon Peltier, Stephanie Evergreen and Jon Schwabish all wrote their own guides on how to produce lollipop charts in Microsoft Excel - "the primary data visualization tool for most of the world", according to Schwabish. These kinds of guides are necessary because lollipop charts are not included in the default set of charts found in Excel.

All of these guides work well for producing lollipop charts in Excel, but they all have one flaw: they take time to complete.

Ideally, you wouldn't need a guide to produce a lollipop chart in Excel...

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IBCS Compliant Profit & Loss Report

Andrej Lapajne to give a lecture on IBCS at McKinsey & Co. (NYC, Oct 22)

On Thursday, October 22, 2015 Andrej Lapajne (CEO at Zebra BI and IBCS founding member) will lead a presentation on IBCS in front of one of the world's most advanced dataviz communities: Data Visualization New York Meetup group. The meetup will be held at McKinsey & Co. 21st Fl. Conf. Center.

In a presentation entitled 'Dr. Hichert's IBCS: Designing reports, dashboards and presentations' Andrej will present the key features of IBCS through real-world examples and discuss their slightly controversial proposition: the design of business information should look (more or less) the same across all companies, regardless of their size, industry or location.

It seems the US public is eager to learn about IBCS - the 150 spots available at the meetup filled up in a couple of days and additional 63 members are queuing on the waiting list.

We're especially proud to lecture at this event, since the story of IBCS began exactly in New York City, exactly at McKinsey&Co, almost exactly 35 years ago! Here's how the story goes:

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Zebra BI Fall 2015 US Tour

The popular IBCS standard is being introduced to the US audience

The highly popular International Business Communication Standards, developed by Dr. Rolf Hichert and his associates at the IBCS Association, are rapidly spreading in companies throughout Europe. Some of the biggest companies in Europe (SAP, Bayer, Lufthansa, Philips, Coca-Cola bottlers) have already realized the importance of standardization in business communication. The Standards are finally ready to break into the US market. We at Zebra BI, one of the most passionate supporters of the IBCS, are going to actively contribute to its introduction to the US audience.

At the end of October our CEO Andrej Lapajne, a founding member at IBCS Association and one of Dr. Hichert's closest associates, is traveling to the US to spread the word about IBCS. Here's how his schedule looks like right now:

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[email protected] certified Zebra BI version is out

On June 8th, Zebra BI passed the IBCS certification process, becoming the first "IBCS certified charts + tables" software.

IBCS certified software seal - Zebra BI

The certification commission from the Business Application Research Center (BARC) in Germany that issued the certificate was very impressed with what Zebra BI can do. Here is one of their comments:

The certification commission was impressed with Zebra BI. All templates matched the patterns provided by the certification commission almost identically.

Today the Zebra BI version 1.4.1 (that was used to pass the IBCS certification) is ready to be publicly released.

This version includes many new features. Read on to get detailed information about each of them.

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Zebra BI silver sponsor at IBCS Annual Conference 2015, June 19, Royal Philips, Amsterdam

IBCS Annual Conference 2015, the key event for reporting professionals to exchange experience with their peers, thought leaders, consultants and software developers, will be held on June 19th at Royal Philips Global Headquarters in Amsterdam. The conference will offer practical case studies of rolling-out IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) in established corporations, as well as focused discussions led by reporting and visualization experts.

IBCS Silver SponsorZebra BI is the silver sponsor of this year's conference, where Mr. Ilkay Furmaz of Coca-Cola İçecek, the Coca-Cola bottler for Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan, will deliver the keynote speech on their experience in international roll-out of IBCS-compliant reports and dashboards, implemented with Zebra BI. Andrej Lapajne, CEO at Zebra BI will contribute to the conference by leading a breakout session titled "IBCS charts in practice - real world examples and dilemmas".

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¡Hola! Zebra BI 1.3.1 is out and it speaks Spanish!

On May 13 we released Zebra BI version 1.3.1. and we're very happy to announce that it is now also available in the Spanish language. Since Zebra BI is already in use in Spanish companies and is just entering the Latin American market, we hope this will ensure even better user experience to our Spanish-speaking users.

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Data visualization in depth

Watch our 2nd webinar on data visualization next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015 at 7pm CEDT we'll be running our second webinar. If you want to learn from Andrej Lapajne (Zebra BI CEO) about data visualization in depth, make sure to go here and save your spot!

Most reports, presentations and dashboards fail because of inappropriate or simply bad visualization: wrong choice of charts, nonfunctional colors, confusing data structures, illegible labels, etc.

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Financial Reports Webinar

1st Zebra BI webinar: Best practices in designing financial reports

Next Tuesday, Mar 17, 2015 at 7pm CET Andrej Lapajne (Zebra BI CEO) will be hosting our very first webinar! If you want to learn best practices in designing financial reports, make sure to go here and save your spot!

How do your financial reports look like? All too often, they fall somewhere between messy spreadsheets and “dashboards”, full of poorly labelled and inappropriate charts, 3D effects and speedometers, that simply do not get their message across to the management.

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