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Zebra BI for Power BI version 3.3 released!

On Friday, July 26 2019, a major new version of Zebra BI for Power BI has been released. With innovative new product features, the new version will help report designers in Power BI create even better reports and dashboards with improved user experience. Let's take a look at some of the most important updates: Adding […]

Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI 1.3 Released!

Zebra BI Visuals, the only IBCS®-certified software solution for Power BI, has just been updated to version 1.3 that brings several exciting new features that make it easier to create convincing and clear visual business presentations in Power BI. This release is available for existing subscribers as well as a free trial and delivers improved comparisons […]

Zebra BI in 2016 – A Year in Review

2016 was the year of the product releases. Well, heck, so were the rest of them 😉 And so will be the next one. We can't help it, we're the product people. But before we dive into product releases, let us share a few stories that we'll remember best from 2016.

Trump’s Chances – Redesign of The New York Times’s Infografic

In the recent update of The New York Times's article Who Will Be President? the authors used an interesting and a slightly controversial infografic, consisting of 16 sparklines. The graphic depicts the trends of Donald Trump's winning probabilities in the states, where his chances have increased most over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, the visualization fails to convey a proper picture of the […]

How to Create Efficient Variance Reports

Whether it is sales-vs-budget or costs-vs-budget, every company uses variance analysis to track the actual performance against their goals. In this webinar you'll learn how to design efficient variance reports using Excel and Zebra BI.

Designing Financial Statements for Non-Profits & Foundations – The Gates Foundation example

This time we'll take a deep dive into the 2014 annual report of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to find out if data visualization can help explain their consolidated financial statements. As Stephanie Evergreen pointed out in her intriguing article, there's a lot of room for improvement in annual reports of non-profits and foundations (to […]

Why are some charts difficult to understand?

Charts should provide a clear and practically immediate insight into the underlying dataset. Especially if we're talking about one single chart, created from a tiny, almost trivial dataset. If we cannot achieve that, how will we tackle the complexity of our business and social environment in the age of big data? Let's take the following example […]

Making small multiples in Excel

Have you ever tried making small multiples in Excel? I have. Several times. It's possible. Everything is possible in Excel, but some things just take forever. And when you're done and realize you'd like to change it just slightly, it takes forever again. Countless times I was in a situation where small multiples of, say, 12 […]

Designing financial reports, dashboards and business presentations

How do your financial reports look? All too often, they fall somewhere between messy spreadsheets and dashboards, full of poorly labelled and inappropriate charts, that simply do not get the message across to the decision-makers. Countless reports and presentations are created throughout organizations on a daily basis, all in different formats, lengths, shapes and colors, […]

Zebra BI silver sponsor at IBCS Annual Conference 2015, June 19, Royal Philips, Amsterdam

IBCS Annual Conference 2015, the key event for reporting professionals to exchange experience with their peers, thought leaders, consultants and software developers, will be held on June 19th at Royal Philips Global Headquarters in Amsterdam. The conference will offer practical case studies of rolling-out IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) in established corporations, as well as focused discussions […]

¡Hola! Zebra BI 1.3.1 is out and it speaks Spanish!

On May 13 we released Zebra BI version 1.3.1. and we're very happy to announce that it is now also available in the Spanish language. Since Zebra BI is already in use in Spanish companies and is just entering the Latin American market, we hope this will ensure even better user experience to our Spanish-speaking users.

On using Butterfly (aka Tornado) charts [video]

A butterfly chart is a special type of bar chart, often used to represent two data series side by side, such as comparing male vs. female, displaying positive vs. negative opinions, presenting election results (e.g. republicans vs. democrats), etc. In general, you may use it as an alternative to a regular bar chart or a […]

Four Men and a Zebra

What do you do when a thing that you have been thinking of for more than 5 years and work so intensively and passionately on, is realized? Well, I get a little empty and a little emotional. So I hope you don't mind if this story turns out slightly emotional. Drive. That's what we do […]

Zebra BI has been launched!

As many of you may know the HICHERT®IBCS conference is currently taking place in Frankfurt. We are present by sponsoring the event and presenting Zebra BI to wide audience of management reporting professionals. With the official launch we are also presenting many new features, such as one-click scaling of multiple charts, colorblind-safe color scales, enhanced charts, […]